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A baby can make your heart melt.

But it can also scare you away. Especially if you’re not a parent yet. We decided to show young people there’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, being a parent is a fantastic experience.

Presenting: Backstage of Happiness

In the content series Backstage of Happiness, we follow Julian and Anastasia, a young couple thinking about having children. They travel across Belgium to meet parents of all kinds to ask them questions about their future life :

  • How do you combine being a mother with being just you?
  • How do you run a business and deal with a baby?

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Creative Direction : Laurent Righetti

Art Direction: Roberto Salvador

Creation:  Laurent Righetti

Accounting: Valentine Cosse, Charline Luthers

Copywriting: Laureen Delbauche

Director: Kurt Van Leyer

Production Company: Landvogel

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