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When Alpro contacted us to help them launching their brand new plant-based barista range, we simply looked at the facts:

  • If there’s one thing millennials and Gen Z around the world have in common, it’s a taste for coffee. 
  • And coffee is a key entrance point for consumers into plant-based​.
  • The demand for sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives such as oat milk and nut or seed-based are booming. 

We needed to take a stand: Plant-based, People-based, Planet-based

Tomorrow starts with a coffee

After a year and a half of pandemic, stranded at home, people are « thirsty for change ». It went through small things like baking bread, and even bigger things like changing/starting careers but also rethinking their ecological footprint.

Gen Z and Millennials dream of change.
Big change gets kicked off with a coffee.

Gen Z has a taste for change

We link the sustainability of the Barista range to people’s deep desire for change. This change can take place through small gestures, such as favouring plant-based milk. And meaningful changes taste even better. So we came up with the « Taste for change » line.



Alpro loved the concept. Unfortunately, it was a bit too bold at the time we presented it. But we certainly did good impression.


  • Creative Direction and Creation:  Laurent Righetti & Roberto Salvador
  • Accounting: Catherine Van Gasteren
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