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Society is evolving. The education of children too. For the launch of the sub-brand Naturnes Bio in Belgium, we decided to highlight the naturalness of products through portraits of parents who use it every day with their instincts. Trust in nature: it knows what is good for us and our children.

A full integrated campaign with outstanding results

Trust in nature is a fully integrated campaign taking place on social media, TV and other digital spots.

Let's go International!

Thanks to the outstanding results of the campaign, we have been asked to run some assets in Portugal. Thank you nature!



More about this project

  • CD:  Laurent Righetti, Roberto Salvador
  • Creation: Maike Borms; Laurent Righetti, Roberto Salvador
  • Copywriters: Marius Picard, Laureen Delbauche
  • Design: Bert Landeloos, Monica Sanchez Gallego
  • Account Team: Valentine Cossee
  • Strategy: Sabrina Bulteau
  • Production Company: Landvogel
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