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In 2019, the urge to learn more about Twitch made me create a Twitch channel. Something that combined Gaming, e-Sport and content creation, it had to be for me, but I had no idea that a simple professional curiosity would define so much what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided to take it seriously, and defined a full growth strategy.

Today I’m followed by 4,000 people on YouTube, 3,000 on Twitch, and I achieved the holy grail of becoming a Twitch Partner after only a year of streaming 2 days / week. Which is cool for a Belgian Streamer.

Explaining my growth

The first challenge was to build a strong brand, something that many streamers overlook. Being a teacher in a high school on the side, the desire to be a masked streamer defines my identity: I would become a Bandit.

Getting started in multi-gaming is super cool but it’s very complicated because the competition is raging on most of the big games. So I chose a game that I really like but which is still in its infancy in its E-Sport development: Magic, The Gathering.

Existing in such an environment requires a lot of investment. Because what we give to a community, we receive it. So I divided my expansion into 3 main phases:

1. The validation phase.

The goal was to be validated by more established content creators in order to exist in the eyes of the public.

2. The development phase.

The goal was to capitalize on the image of phase 1 and to propose collaborations with these same actors in order to be an integral part of the game landscape.

3. The professionalization phase.

The goal is to discover how to make a living from the activity.

Touche Pas à Mon Deck, Talkshow Twitch

I developed a great knowledge on the creation of Live, Gaming and E-Sport content as well as a good network thanks to this project.

More about this project

  • Creation:  Laurent Righetti
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